This is one of Banksy's most recognisable works. It was painted on the side of a sexual health clinic in 2006 and shows a suspicious husband looking for his wife's lover while he hangs naked, cupping himself from the window ledge. Banksy had said afterwards that he did not know that this was a sexual health clinic but he found the irony funny.

The piece stayed on the wall for a number of years before someone fired what looks like blue paintballs at it. It has never been restored and it currently in the same condition.

In 2013 another street artist, Philth painted a mural underneath the "Well Hung Lover." This caused a bit of an uproar amongst locals and Banksy fans. Philth stated that he felt his artwork didn't encroach on Banksy's 2006 piece but he was "honoured" to share a wall with the revered artist. He also added  “I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of Banksy, I have massive respect for what he has done and I have been a fan in the past but I wouldn’t say I am a fan now."

The "Well Hung Lover" is on Frogmore Street but some say the better view is here on Park Street.

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